Lasers Over Los Angeles-> Laser Cutting Service We are a full-service laser cutting shop in Echo Park, Los Angeles, lurking in the shadow of the Dodgers' fireworks. With LOLA the 100watt laser cutter, we can help you take your project to the next level. We are very flexible and work with architects, students, custom stencil masters, fashion designers, crafty people, entrepreneurs, moms, amateur rocketry enthusiasts, batmen, and Ryan Gosling impersonators, turning most jobs around in about a day.

About Lola

Lola the lasercutter was born January 3rd, 2011 at about 425lbs, 1oz. Her laser tube cuts briskly at 100 watts of pure CO2 light amplification. Her cutting bed is 24″x48″ but if you are cutting right to the edges, she appreciates an 1/8″ margin. She prefers autocad(dwg) or illustrator (ai) files but she can manage most anything you’ve got. If you don’t have a file, we can make a vector file from a drawing, a photo, a crumpled napkin sketch, for an additional fee. We can usually turn a job around in a day. Our hours are pretty flexible, so please give us a call to chat if you have questions. Thanks for checking us out

L.O.L.A. and staff

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